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Slik PRO 824 CFL Carbon Fiber Tripod


Slik PRO 824 CFL Carbon Fiber Tripod

$ 319.95

Full size carbon fiber tripod that reaches 61.8 inches when all 4 leg sections are fully extended but is only 19.9 inches when completely retracted. Despite its impressive small size and light weight of just 4.1 lbs, the PRO 824 CFL can handle nearly 18 lbs of properly balanced equipment making it an excellent tripod for back-packing and photography with heavy lenses and professional camera bodies. All of the new SLIK PRO carbon fiber tripods feature a new A. R. S. (Anti-rotational System) with improved rubber grips that make this tripod much easier to operate. So the PRO 824 CFL would be usable with the highest number of tripod heads from SLIK and others. The tripod has an industry standard 3/8 mount post that is reversible to 1/4-20. NEW S.R. L (Speed Release leg Locks) The New series of SLIK carbon fiber tripods are equipped with new proprietary Speed Release Locks for fast easy set-up and pack-up. These fast easy-to-use lever locks are spring-loaded to hold each section of the tripod legs securely but do not snap-back so there is no pitching of fingers while using them. 8X Multi-layered Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber material is actually comprised of 8 layers of inter-woven carbon strands that are then bonded together in a sealed, high-pressure furnace. When finished, this material is more than 40% lighter than standard aluminum and very rigid, making it great for applications from space vehicles to tripod legs.

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