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Sescom IL-19 Inline Audio Hum Eliminator


Sescom IL-19 Inline Audio Hum Eliminator

$ 49.95

The IL-19 from Sescom is a compact audio hum eliminator that allows you to remove ground loop hum, mode noise, and differentially-induced hum without the need for multiple transformers, ground lifters, or phase inverters. This slim inline module has a high-impact ABS thermoplastic housing and standard XLR connectors at each end to fit easily into your signal path.

The IL-19 is a bi-directional device, allowing you to plug it directly into the inputs or outputs of your equipment. It is specially engineered for a flat, broad frequency response, which allows a hotter signal throughput without saturation. It also provides excellent protection against radiated noise to reduce pickup of hum and interference from power supplies and other outside sources.

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