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Rolls PM50s - Personal Monitor Amplifier


Rolls PM50s - Personal Monitor Amplifier

$ 39.95

The PM50s is a small footprint device that provides a mix of a stereo line-level signal with a microphone level signal, and outputs the mix to two sets of headphone outputs. The unit features a monitor level control, microphone level control and pass through XLR jack, two headphone output jacks, and a stereo 1/4" TRS monitor input jack. The external power adapter is included.The PM50s is designed for performers who need to monitor their own signal, such as a singer who needs to hear their vocal over a main mix. Other uses include drummers who might need to mix a click track with a monitor signal, or church choir singers who need to monitor their voices over other musicians.
  • Personal monitor amplifier with microphone pass-through
  • Separate volume controls for monitor feed and microphone input
  • Pair of headphone outputs
  • Small footprint makes the unit easy to use in difficult situations

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