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Rogue FlashBender Small Positionable Reflector


Rogue FlashBender Small Positionable Reflector

$ 34.95

The versatile ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender Small Positionable Reflector can be used either as a reflector to bounce light onto a subject, as a flag to shield light away from it or as a small snoot to produce a wide circle of light. Because of its size, it is easy to throw in a camera bag and is perfect for use on or off the camera. The design incorporates 2 positionable rods that allows it to be molded into position and held in place.

This FlashBender is made from the highest quality materials, including genuine Cordura nylon. The white reflective surface is made from a durable, wipeable, synthetic fabric which has been tested for neutrality so that it won't alter the color temperature of the reflected light.

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