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Photovision 14" Pocket One Shot Digital Target


Photovision 14" Pocket One Shot Digital Target

$ 47.95

The Photovision 14" One Shot Digital Target is large enough to fill the frame in most situations, but folds to just 6 inches to allow carrying in your pocket or instant access when using with the included belt pouch slip case. Soft silver fabric on the backside creates an efficient reflective surface to open up the shadows. This size has become the favorite of many of the industry's leading wedding photographers.The Neutral 3-Tone Panels of the One Shot Digital Target allows for custom white balancing, accurate metering and exposure monitoring through the camera's histogram function - all with a single shot. Thereby, vastly improving setup time, and minimizing the need for post correction to your image files. You'll drastically reduce your workflow on the back-end by getting it right on the front-end.
  • Achieve Perfect Exposures and White Balance Every Time
  • The Target Folds to One-third of Its Open Size to Fit Easily Into Most Camera Bags
  • Reflective Soft Silver Fabric on Backside
  • Includes a 60-minute Instructional DVD Presented by Ed Pierce

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