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Pat Says Now Ladybug Mouse

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Pat Says Now Ladybug Mouse

$ 28.95

The dotty Ladybug Mouse promises to bring you loads of luck and happiness. A perfect gift for younger users the ergonomic shape suits every hand. Combines a fully functional mouse with Pat Says Nows signature design in a unique blend of form and function. Brighten up and personalize your desktop with this one of many head-turning options to complement and enhance your home or work environment without compromising on performance. Attractively wrapped in a specially designed box this trendy desk pet is a temptation not many can resist. Designed in Switzerland.Vibrant fun computer mice that reflect current fashions and which with high quality and innovative materials and advanced features are as much about lifestyle as they are performance. Functions like a normal mouse with right and left-click buttons and rubberized scroll wheel-button to speed through long documents or Web pages. The unique shape of this mouse fits any hand size and is ideal for both left and right-handers. The latest in 800dpi optical technology allows you to navigate with better speed accuracy and reliability - delivering precise cursor control on a wide variety of surfaces without the hassle of clogged mouse parts. Connects via USB and is guaranteed to work right out of the box on both PCs and Macs. Designed in Switzerland. Advanced Optical Technology - 800 dpi optical resolution provides smooth and precise movement on almost any surface. Mousepad not required. 3-Button Scroll Operation - Left right and center buttons with rubberized non-slip scroll wheel for easy forward and backward navigation. 

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