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Pat-Says-Now Kitty 3-Button USB Optical Mouse

Pat Says Now

Pat-Says-Now Kitty 3-Button USB Optical Mouse

$ 21.59

The cute little Kitty mouse fits snugly into children's hands but everybody loves to play with this charming desk pet. This adorable mouse playfully accompanies kids when they start discovering the world of computers. This high-precision optical wheel mouse offers a resolution of 800 DPI; it's twice as fast and accurate as previous optical mice. Stylish and fun design adds character and individuality to any desktop, and its durable construction is totally kid-proof. This Kitty Mouse is not only engaging and fun for children and adults alike; it also includes PSN's trusted, reliable optical technology. With no ball to collect dirt and grime from little hands, the mouse works flawlessly on most surfaces, even without a mouse pad.

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