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Panasonic AG-MC200G Unidirectional XLR Microphone


Panasonic AG-MC200G Unidirectional XLR Microphone

$ 320.00

    The Panasonic AG-MC200G is a camera mounted condenser microphone with superior directional characteristics than that of standard unidirectional microphones. The focused pickup of the AG-MC200G eliminates audio at the sides of the microphone, greatly reducing ambiance and potential feedback problems. The AG-MC200G uses +48V phantom power and features a standard XLR output. The microphone is ideal for camera use, as well as portable recording devices and field mixers.
    Super-directional Pick Up
  • The super-directional characteristic of the AG-MC200G rivals standard unidirectional microphones. The AG-MC200G is ideal for isolating signal in high noise environments.
    Balanced Output
  • The balanced 3-pin XLR output provides high signal gain and low noise floor.
    Stabilized Power Supply Circuit
  • The AG-MC200G uses standard +48v phantom power.

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