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Logan Electric 8 x 10" Slim-Edge Light Pad (#A-5A)


Logan Electric 8 x 10" Slim-Edge Light Pad (#A-5A)

$ 92.95

The Logan 8 x 10" Slim Edge Light Pad is only 1/2" (14mm) thick. The Slim-Edge Light Pad serves well in both studio or home. In addition, it is completely portable and can be used on a desktop standing up, laid flat or hung on a wall. An interesting feature is that it can display transparencies under its unique lift-up clear plastic panel.The technology of this light pad provides bright, even light. It has an 8 x 10" viewing area and features two 5400 color-corrected lamps with 20,000 hour life. The unit comes with a handy 12V DC adapter for use in the field. When not needed, the entire unit fits neatly inside a desk drawer or even your briefcase.
  • Only 1/2" (14mm) thick
  • Two 5400K color-corrected lamps
  • Can be used flat on a table, standing at an incline, or hung flat on a wall
  • Display photo transparencies held under a clear plastic panel
  • Fits easily in a briefcase or stores in a desk drawer
  • Runs on 12V, DC adapter (included)

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