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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 Amp & FX Tone Modeling Software Crossgrade

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 Amp & FX Tone Modeling Software Crossgrade

$ 238.95

The IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 Amp & FX software crossgrade offer is for anyone who is already a registered owner of any IK Multimedia product. It saves you money while adding an incredible amount of tonal possibilities to your DAW arsenal. A massive upgrade of IK Multimedia's popular guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3 provides even more sound variety, realism, and creative power than earlier versions. If your recording or playing "rig" is lacking in that rich, lush expressive analog warmth, then you need to check it out. With over 160 precisely modeled pieces of vintage and modern gear available in one package, AmpliTube 3 is an incredible tone gear collection for the player/producer/engineer suffering from tone angst.More Gear - Infinite Combinations AmpliTube 3 contains over 160 pieces of gear, more than double the amount of most other packages, including models from the most sought-after vintage collections and modern-day workhorses. You'll get 51 individual stompboxes and effects, 31 amplifier preamp & power sections, 46 speaker cabinet models, 15 high-end stage and studio mics, and 17 post amp rack effects. Plus, with the new AmpliTube 3 open architecture, you can add more packages as you need them, like AmpliTube Fender and Ampeg SVX.More Feel - True Dynamic Response AmpliTube 3 gear models give you ultra-realistic playing feel—not just the tones—but the actual dynamic response of their hardware counterparts. Plus, with IK's proprietary VRM (Volumetric Response Modeling) technology, you can add totally accurate rotating speaker effects and free dual mic placement with room ambience and response to custom craft your tone.More Power - Creative Inspiration AmpliTube 3 unleashes more creative power than previous versions, helping you to easily carve new, truly unique voicings for your guitar, bass, keyboard, drum, and vocals. 

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