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Holga 120 Color Flash Camera


Holga 120 Color Flash Camera

$ 34.99

Still retaining all of those fabulous and unique features that make the Holga world famous, the Holga 120CFN takes Holga photography to the next level. It is a fun way to enter the world of medium format, and can yield very interesting results. Its fixed-focus 60mm f/8 lens is perfect for creating the pictures Holgas are known for; soft and dreamy, with a slightly wide perspective and a distinct vignetting at the corners of the image.This version of the Holga includes a built-in flash, which also has an incorporated filter wheel to influence the output of the light. Choose from red, yellow, blue, or white color output, and you only need 2 'AA' batteries; the shutter is fully mechanical. A window on the back allows you to read the paper on the 120 film, so that you can have 12 6x6cm square images per roll or 16 6x4.5cm vertical images per roll.
  • Simple, popular experimental medium format film camera
  • Distinct images with dream-like, vignetted look
  • Built-in flash that contains a spinning color filter wheel; Choose from red, yellow, blue, standard white or a combination thereof
  • The format arrow on the back of the camera easily slides between 12 and 16 exposures
  • Mostly plastic, including the lens; extremely small and compact one-piece plastic molded body
  • Two "AA" batteries required

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