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HandlePod Hand-Supported Camera Stabilizer


HandlePod Hand-Supported Camera Stabilizer

$ 37.95

    The HandlePod Camera Handle / Tabletop Quadpod is an innovative support for a point & shoot camera or an ultra-compact camcorder. The folding handgrip mount attaches securely to any camera via its standard 1/4"-20 screw. With its sturdy, chunky grooved handgrip, HandlePod provides added stability for shooting handheld in either portrait or landscape orientation. Fold down the HandlePod and you suddenly have a tabletop quadpod – its four rubber feet ensure stable video and still capture from any flat surface.
    For vertical surfaces such as trees and poles, the HandlePod comes with an elastic cord that's over 4' long. Thread the cord through the slot between the handle and the camera mount, and you can lash your mounted camera securely to a vertical object, for stable image capture from unique positions and angles – or just for bracing the camera against something solid to stabilize a long-exposure shot. The curve of the handle and the length of the feet allow you to brace the camera against a building corner, for instance.
    The camera mount half of the HandlePod features three axes of adjustment that you can free and secure using the T-knobs. This allows you to point your camera in any direction imaginable.
    With a point & shoot or compact DSLR camera, a HandlePod, and a little bit of creativity, a wide range of convenient mounting options suddenly becomes feasible. Hold the no-slip four rubber feet against a window for stable shots through glass. Use the elastic cord to secure your HandlePod to a car mirror or the side of the window frame. Use a C-clamp to fasten the mount to any thin surface. For an impromptu helmet cam, thread the included cord through the helmet's slots to secure the HandlePod for action video capture.
    Perfect for Low-Light Photos
  • Many people have tried to steady a camera in low light by bracing it against a wall, pole, or other solid object. HandlePod takes that idea a step further with a rotating camera mount combined with a comfortable handle that you can hold against any convenient support.
    Tripod Alternative
  • Photographs are usually taken either handheld or with a tripod. HandlePod represents a hybrid concept that combines the ease and convenience of handheld photography with the solid, reliable support of a tripod.
    Four Feet vs. Three Legs
  • Three tripod legs are great on flat, horizontal surfaces or the ground. But the world is full of vertical objects – poles, railings, doorways, building corners – that are not tripod-friendly yet are perfect for the HandlePod. Its four rubber feet straddle round or cornered surfaces, providing four solid contact points for positive support. Of course the HandlePod can be held against a flat surface as well. The rubber feet serve as a high-friction, slip-free anchor.
    Horizontal or Vertical Composition
  • Ease of shot composition is another area where the HandlePod shines. With the HandlePod braced against a vertical object, the camera can be positioned horizontally with plenty of clearance. The slotted camera mount features a range of adjustment that makes positioning easy, regardless of camera size or where the screw thread is positioned on the camera bottom. For a vertical composition, just swivel the camera mount. The patented three-axis rotating mount makes orienting the camera fast and trouble-free.
    Self-Supporting on Level Surfaces
  • The HandlePod is self-supporting and serves as a tabletop quadpod when a convenient flat surface is available – perfect for self-portraits. Again, horizontal or vertical composition is easy. Rotate the camera to vertical and give it a half turn to position the camera over the handle.
    Attaches Solidly to Supports
  • The elastic cord supplied with the HandlePod stretches to over 4'. It secures the HandlePod firmly to anything you can wrap the cord around. Simply slip one end of the cord into the groove between the handle and the camera mount. Wrap the cord around the support object, and pull the cord tight. Slip the other end into the groove. The cord is held in place securely yet releases with a quick tug.
    Handheld Stabilization for Still and Video Capture
  • When a support object isn't available, the HandlePod serves as a stabilizing grip for handheld photos and video. The comfortable handle extends to the side of the camera for added leverage and a solid, two-handed grip. This is a significant advantage for today's extremely small and lightweight photo and video cameras. The HandlePod's additional steadying power enhances the camera's built-in stabilization for blur-free stills and smooth, solid video.
    Compact and Lightweight
  • The camera mount folds back and underneath the handle to create a compact package that fits easily in a shirt pocket. At 4 oz, the HandlePod is light and easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or camera bag. In addition, the handle can fold under the camera and remain conveniently out of the way, yet it will unfold in seconds to be ready for instant use.

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