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Giottos AGSP-8302L Screen Protector (Transparent/Black)


Giottos AGSP-8302L Screen Protector (Transparent/Black)

$ 38.99

The Giottos Aegis Professional M-C Schott Glass LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D300/D300s/D700/D3000/D7000/D90 / Canon 7D / Pentax K5 is a professional optical screen protector for your digital camera. The German "Schott" optical glass is rigid and protects your LCD screen against scratches, abrasions and impact. Additionally, it's a mere 0.5 mm thick. Twelve layers of anti-reflective coating on each side ensure great visibility. Say goodbye to residual images and ghosting with this screen protector, which also withstands UV light.

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