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Epiphan VGA2USB VGA Video Grabber

Epiphan Systems Inc.

Epiphan VGA2USB VGA Video Grabber

$ 299.95

Epiphan's VGA2USB VGA Video Grabber allows you to capture video from any VGA source within a few minutes. Use it for creating and recording slide shows, training sessions, how to videos, recording output from scientific devices, and more. It's durable and highly compact, small enough to be kept in your pocket. It's capable of capturing video from any screen, displaying captured data in real time, saving captured video and images to disk, copying captured images to a clipboard, and recording captured images as a series of consecutively saved files. VGA2USB is also compatible with many popular applications that support an external video device or webcam, including Skype and Windows Media Encoder. VGA2USB is self-powered through the USB port, and does not require any additional power.

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