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DIYP Bokeh Masters Kit


DIYP Bokeh Masters Kit

$ 24.95

Bokeh, It's The Photographic Term Everyone Uses ... The Bokeh Masters Kit is designed to make the creation of images with a Bokeh background a simple process. The pre-designed and laser-cut shapes such as hearts, stars and more, will add a creative feel to your image in-camera. There are eight blank discs that allow you to create your own custom shapes to use with the Bokeh Masters Kit. The whole thing attaches simply to your lens (via a high-tech rubber band) and comes on and off your lens in seconds. The kit comes in a small disc wallet that's light enough to take anywhere. With the Bokeh Masters Kit you can create images where the background not only blurs, it shines and glows. The Bokeh Masters Kit Contains A custom designed, Laser-cut ingenious Bokeh disk holder which allows to easily attach Bokeh disks 5 classic disks: stars, hearts, happy and sad smiley and an arrow 16 more fabulous Laser-cut Bokeh Discs including: plane, headphones, animals, several signs and icons, and more. 8 uncut disks that allow you to create your very own Bokeh shapes. A custom designed colorful disk wallet.

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