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Countryman E6 EarClip - Right, Tan


Countryman E6 EarClip - Right, Tan

$ 69.99

Are you rocking out just a little too hard for your Countryman E6i EarSet or E6 mic? Does your mic slip off or out of place after you land that triple hand spring double summersault combo before you break into your big number? Don't despair, there's no enormous headset mic in your future that will make you look like you're wearing a retainer rig onstage, all you need is a Countryman E6 EarClip. The E6 EarClip hooks up to your Countryman mic and provides you with an extra ear of support - a perfect way for anyone who isn't Vincent Van Gogh to keep a better grip on the mic. It's flexible and easy to setup, comfortably fitting almost any human head. And just like your microphone, the Countryman E6 EarClip is next to invisible from only a few feet away.

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