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Celemony Melodyne editor Software


Celemony Melodyne editor Software

$ 299.00

Melodyne editor from Celemony is pitch/time shift software that offers the revolutionary Direct Note Access (DNA) technology. The technology makes access to individual notes in polyphonic audio material possible, allowing for instance, the ability to correct wrong notes in a piano recording, change the chords in a guitar accompaniment after the recording is over, or refashion a sample lick.

Editing audio material with the software is intuitive and flexible. Simply move an audio note to a different pitch or a different position. Make notes longer or shorter, louder or softer. Delete notes from chords or add new ones by copying, transpose or quantize your material, and create from it melodic, harmonic and rhythmic variations. The software functions cross platform under Mac OS X or Windows, and as a plug-in utilizing Audio Units, RTAS or VST formats. It can also function standalone for those occasions where booting a DAW is not required.

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