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BlueLounge CC-LG Cable Clip


BlueLounge CC-LG Cable Clip

$ 9.95

Tame your cables and cords with these multi-purpose Large Cable Clips (2-Pack) from Bluelounge. Whether you need to tidy up your home, office, or workshop, these cable clips manage them in a simple and practical way. Or use them on the go if you're traveling with a tangle of wires. With one of these, they're always accessible and organized.Store thick or long power cords and ethernet network cables conveniently in a compact bundle. You can quickly adjust the amount of unwrapped cord for your needs, partially extending it or pulling it out to its full length depending on the task at hand.Cable clips are multi-colored to give you options. And while some of the other ways of keeping cords under control may leave a sticky residue or cause permanent damage to cords, these handy clips give you a fuss-free, clean hold.
  • Easy bundling and storing of cables
  • Quick to fasten for instant hold
  • Never worry about any cable residue or damage
  • Keep dangling cords tidy, clean and secure
  • Ideal for thick or long power cords and ethernet network cables

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