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Bluelouge Design CableBox Mini White

Bluelounge Design

Bluelouge Design CableBox Mini White

$ 29.95

The Bluelounge CableBox Mini is an attractive solution for cleaning up cable chaos. Slightly smaller than the original, the CableBox Mini offers a refuge for loose accessory cables and extra slack. It also eliminates the dust accumulation associated with cluttered wires. In addition to corralling surplus cable length, you can keep power cords organized and hidden thanks to the 4-socket surge protector.Bluelounge constructs the CableBox Mini out of flame retardant plastic to minimize fire risk and the rubber feet assure that your CableBox will stay put. Cable outlets on two sides limit the amount of cord length exposed and offer multiple directions to run cable out of the box. The decorative white CableBox Mini is a simple solution for small spaces suffering from an overgrowth of cords and dust. Just pop the lid on and your cable clutter vanishes! 4-Socket Surge Protector Plug up to 4 power cords into this UL listed surge protector Smaller Design With only 4 sockets and smaller dimensions than the original CableBox, the Mini is ideal for smaller spaces Multiple Cable Outlets Run cables through either end of the box for added convenience Rubber Feet Prevents slipping and assures your CableBox stays put Flame Retardant Plastic Limit fire risk while enjoying a clutter free environment Twist Ties Comes with 10 ties for sorting and organizing cables

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