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Behringer PodcasStudio Firewire

Behringer USA

Behringer PodcasStudio Firewire

$ 217.99

PODCASTUDIO FIREWIRE from Behringer is a complete solution for anybody interested in creating podcasting content. Items in the package include the XENYX 802, a compact eight-channel audio mixer to which the C-1 condenser microphone is connected. The microphone is well suited for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments.

The audio source from the mixer can be transferred to a computer using the FCA202, a low-latency, two-input/two output FireWire interface, and recorded/edited using the included Ableton Live Lite 4 software. Live Lite 4 allows the user to compose, record, remix, improvise and edit musical ideas in a seamless environment. The software integrates loop-based and linear production methods, and presents them together in a single interface for unparalleled creative freedom.

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