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Azden WLX-PRO Lavaliere System


Azden WLX-PRO Lavaliere System

$ 149.00

The Azden WLX-PRO is a 2-channel VHF wireless lavalier system, allowing the flexibility to switch channels when interference is present. Clean, reliable RF performance, delivers a range of up to 250 feet in ideal conditions. All receivers and transmitters in the PRO Series operate on the same 2 frequencies (169.445MHz and 170.245MHz) and utilize the same circuitry, making them interchangeable.A wind screen, earphone monitor, shoe mount, touch fastener and lightweight belt-pack transmitter with two frequencies are all included. For professional videographers on a limited budget and video hobbyists, the Azden "PRO" Series provides a 2-channel wireless microphone solution without sacrificing quality and performance.Complete Lavalier System The system comes complete with a portable camera mountable receiver, body-pack transmitter and omnidirectional lavalier microphone. Dual Channel The system operates on VHF frequencies and features 2 selectable channels, providing another channel option when interference is present. Omni-Directional Lavalier The EX-503 features an omni-directional polar pattern, providing a generous pick up area at the off-axis sections of the microphone.

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