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Azden SGM-1000 Shotgun Microphone


Azden SGM-1000 Shotgun Microphone

$ 249.00

    The Azden SGM-1000 is a professional super-cardioid shotgun microphone designed for capturing audio for video, ENG/EFP, sound reinforcement or general recording applications. The super-cardioid polar pattern is highly effective in attenuating noise and ambiance at the sides of the capsule.
    The wide frequency response, high dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio make the SGM-1000 suitable for applications that demand broadcast quality audio capturing. A low frequency roll-off switch eliminates noise and rumble at 200Hz. The 3-pin XLR male output connector is a low impedance connector allowing complete compatibility with 3.5mm (1/8") mini connections as well as professional XLR female inputs. The SGM-1000 can be powered with an external 12-52VDC phantom power source or a single AAA alkaline battery.
    Professional Signal Response
  • The SGM-1000 features a wide frequency response of 80-20,000Hz and a dynamic range of 96dB. The sensitive capsule proves suitable for professional, broadcast quality audio signal reproduction.
    Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • The super-cardioid pick up pattern in most effective in attenuating off-axis audio. The result eliminates noise and ambiance at the sides of the microphone capsule.
    Low Frequency Roll-Off
  • The low frequency roll-off switch eliminates low frequency noise and ambiance at 200Hz.
    Low Impedance XLR Output
  • The standard 3-pin XLR male output connector is designed to output at low impedance, making it suitable for connecting to 3.5mm (1/8") mini inputs on video cameras, as well as standard balanced XLR male female inputs.
    Phantom and Battery Powered
  • The SGM-1000 is capable of power via 12 to 52VDC phantom power source or single AAA alkaline battery.

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