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Audix SCX1/HC Microphone


Audix SCX1/HC Microphone

$ 499.00

The Audix SCX1/HC Microphone is a versatile condenser microphone system featuring interchangeable capsules designed for vocal, general instrument and ambiance capturing applications. The SCX1/HC is also widely used as an interior boompole microphone with outstanding results. The Audix SCX1/HC features a hyper-cardioid polar pattern, which provides exceptional off-axis rejection that provides a narrow pick up area at the direct sections of the capsule. Transformerless circuitry and surface mount technology provide a compact profile and quiet signal response with a low noise floor. The sensitivity and wide frequency response make the microphone ideal for both vocals, guitar, strings, drums and percussion, overhead cymbals and more. The SCX1 has a high SPL rating of 130dB, to allow the capsule to accurately pick up transient (peaking) signal without noise caused by distortion overload.

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