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Audioengine AW2 Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod


Audioengine AW2 Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod

$ 49.00

    With their continued excellence in high-quality audio reproduction, Audioengine introduces the AW2 Premium Wireless Adapter. Now enjoy wireless audio throughout your home or office from your iPod device without making unnecessary holes in your walls or floors to accommodate messy speaker wires. In a nutshell, the AW2 is an iPod docking cradle capable transmitting crystal clear wireless (Wi-Fi) audio to your home theater receiver, audio boombox or virtually any device with an RCA or mini-jack audio input; it also works in conjunction with Audioengine's A5 and A2 loudspeakers.
    This unique kit includes (1) wireless music sender, (1) wireless receiver with a USB AC power supply, and connectivity to RCA or 3.5mm mini-jack inputs. It offers uncompressed CD-quality digital audio transmission, compatibility with all music formats, Dynamic Frequency Selection, and its HOP function works with up to 8 receivers. If you want to surround yourself with sound - not wires - with a unified, stylish, and easy-to-set-up wireless iPod sender - look no further - you won't find a better solution than the Audioengine AW2.
    Wi-Fi Technology
    This system is designed and built around Wi-Fi wireless technology, which is capable of transmitting and receiving (up to 30') uncompressed CD-quality audio without any audio degradation, noise, static or loss.
    Dynamic Frequency Selection
    The AW2 utilizes an advanced Dynamic Frequency Selection, which avoids interference by constantly monitoring the entire 2.4GHz spectrum range, then selects the optimum channel to achieve the clearest transmission.
    iPod Compatibility
    It's compatible with iPod Classic (80GB, 120GB, 160GB), iPod touch (8GB, 16GB, 32GB), iPod Nano (2nd generation/2GB, 4GB, 8GB), iPod Nano (3rd generation/4GB, 8GB), and iPod Nano (4th generation/8GB, 16GB).
    The AW2 is ready-to-go out of the box; there is no software to install or to configure, and no buttons to push - simply connect your compatible iPod to the sender, the receiver to its power supply and then connect it to your music system via the 3.5mm mini-jack or RCA audio cable.
    Unobtrusive Design
    The small, sleek design of the system enables discrete placement throughout your home or office.

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