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The DUALZDirect is a professional, two-channel, passive direct box that converts instrument, line, and speaker-level sources, via transformer, into signals compatible with balanced, low-impedance devices such as mixers and audio interfaces.Both channels are totally independent and have identical features. These include attenuator switches that pad the inputs by -20 or -40 dB, and ground-lift switches that fully isolate each input from the chassis and the output to help eliminate hum and ground-loop noise.You also get phase invert switches, 1/4" pass-through jacks, and switchable low-pass filters. The latter attenuate -3 dB at 30 kHz, and are designed to reduce radio-frequency interference (RFI) and digital computer noise. Combine all that functionality with a solid, black-anodized aluminum case, and you've got a handy and road-worthy direct box.
  • Fully passive, high-performance transformer design; no battery required
  • Converts 50kΩ inputs into 600Ω balanced outputs
  • Switchable input attenuation (0, -20, -40 dB) helps you keep from overloading the inputs
  • Switchable low-pass filters (-3 dB @ 30 kHz) reduce RF interference and computer noise
  • Phase invert switches let you switch signal polarity at the source
  • Ground-lift switches help eliminate hum, and fully isolate the inputs from the chassis and outputs
  • Balanced XLR outputs for connection to mixers, audio interfaces, and other low-impedance devices
  • Low-pass filters help eliminate RF interference and digital computer noise
  • Rugged and compact extruded-aluminum case

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