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ART DJ Pre II Phono Preamp


ART DJ Pre II Phono Preamp

$ 49.00

As digital audio technology moves forward, those who still favor vinyl records are finding themselves at a loss. The ART DeeJayPre is a convenient solution for professionals or consumers who recently found themselves deprived of the trusted phono input found on older receivers and preamplifiers. The DeeJayPre is a compact phono preamplifier that provides adequate gain for connection to a standard line level input on newer preamplifiers, mixers and stereo receivers.The DeeJayPre features L/R RCA inputs and outputs with a ground screw terminal. A gain dial is provided for level adjustment and RIAA EQ compensates for low frequency loss and high frequency noise. Low frequency roll-off filter eliminates unwanted hum and rumble. The DeeJayPre is a handy utility that compliments recording studios, broadcast studios and home stereo systems alike. RIAA EQ Compensation RIAA EQ compensates for low frequency loss and high frequency noise and hiss. Gain Adjust The gain adjust provides added level control, ideal for recording and broadcast situations. Low Cut Filter The low cut filter switch eliminates low frequency noise and mechanical rumble. Input Cap Input Cap filter provides a frequency ceiling and avoids distortion due to signal peak overload. Clip LED A signal peak LED indicator is located on the front.

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