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AKG C411L Stringed Instrument Microphone with Mini XLR Connection


AKG C411L Stringed Instrument Microphone with Mini XLR Connection

$ 129.00

The AKG C411L is a miniature condenser microphone primarily designed for capturing stringed instruments. The flat frequency and signal response is optimized to accurately reproduce the character of acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, viola, and other stringed instruments. The microphone is easily attached near the bridge or anywhere on the instrument using the included non-marring, reusable, solvent free adhesive compound. The low-profile light weight design will not interfere with the balance or performance of the instrument.Mini XLR Connection The C411L features a 3-pin mini XLR connection that is designed to integrate with the B 29 L battery power supply, MPA III L phantom adapter and AKG WMS series body pack transmitters. Figure 8 Polar Pattern The Figure 8 polar pattern accurately captures audio signal from the left and right sections of the capsule. This allows for various placement throughout the surface of the sound board. Adhesive Compound The included reusable adhesive compound secures the microphone to the sound board without marring.

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